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We provide a wide range of activities for residents, as we recognise the importance of being active and taking part

We encourage our residents to be as independent as possible, and to continue to follow their hobbies and interests as much as they are able, as this is one of the many ways in which their physical and emotional health can be maintained. The move from their own home to living with us at Omega Oak Barn needs to be as seamless as possible, and residents can be involved in those important every day activities like gardening or hanging out the washing.

This is their home, and they are encouraged to share, as much as they are able, in the activities of the Home, but we accept the need for a careful balance between, promoting freedom of choice and ensuring the safety of our residents. Two activities coordinators (Anne and Becky) constantly works towards organising an innovative program of social activities in and around the Home – which in fair weather also includes outings, garden parties, etc

As an excellent way of our residents getting some exercise, we hold chair-robics , armchair exercise every week , and this is very popular.

We will also be offering access to the internet (with carer support). Studies have shown this is invaluable for reminiscing therapy and also for residents to keep in contact with their local communities, especially for residents with dementia.

The following is a sample of a typical month’s activities.

Week 1
  • ~ Greeting card making
  • ~ Baking
  • ~ Quoits in the garden
  • ~ Bingo
Week 2
  • ~ Aromatherapy afternoon
  • ~ Walks in the village
  • ~ 1940’s music afternoon
  • ~ Dominoes, board and card games
Week 3
  • ~ Film afternoon
  • ~ Web based reminiscing
  • ~ Plaques for bedroom doors
  • ~ Sing-a-long, old time favourites
Week 4
  • ~ Who am I – identifying famous faces
  • ~ Discussion group
  • ~ Bingo